22.10.2019, Peng's paper accepted: Metal-bipyridine complexes as electrocatalysts for the reduction of CO2: A density functional theory study, Peng Zhang, Xuejing Yang, Xiuli Hou, Xuejian Xu, BeiBei Xiao, Jun Huang, Catherine Stampfl, Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys.

22.10.2019, Asad's paper accepted: A first-principles study of C3N nanostructures: Control and engineering of the electronic and magnetic properties of nanosheets, tubes and ribbons, A. Bafekry, C. Stampfl, S. Farjami Shayesteh, Chem.Phys.Chem.

30.9.2019, Visit and talk by Prof. Dr. Jer-Lai Kuo, Graduate Dean, Research Fellow/Professor, Molecular and Material Modeling Lab., Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica. Exploring Physical and Chemical Space of Molecular Systems: Human and/or Artificial Intelligence

30.9.2019, Visit and talk by A/Prof. Aloysius Soon, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Yonsei University, South Korea. In search of two-dimensional ultrathin nano-oxides on metal substrates: A theoretical surface science context.

20.9.2019, Visit and talk by A/Prof. Anderson Janotti, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Delaware, USA. Emergent Phenomena in Oxide Heterostructures.

19.9.2019, Ping's paper accepted in ACS Catalysis: Cooperation of Ni and CaO at Interface for CO2 Reforming of CH4: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Study: Wu, Ping; Tao, Yongwen; Ling, Huajuan; Chen, Zibin; Ding, Jia; Zeng, Xin; Liao, Xiaozhou; Stampfl, Catherine; Huang, Jun

13.9.2019, Global Engagement Mobility Scheme Funding: USyd-Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) China, for PG student Ruhao Fang to visit SJTU for 3 months.

20.8.2019, Visit and talk by Prof. Bin Shan, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), China, Atomic-level Catalyst Design and Fabrication.

8.8.2019, Visit and talk by Prof. Wei Liu, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing University, China, Adsorption and reaction of molecules at metal surfaces: Structure, Stability and Functionality

7.8.2019, New Funding: USyd-Yonsei Partnership Collaboration Awards, C. Stampfl (USyd), A. Soon (Yonsei)



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