Prof. Matthias Scheffler
Director, Theory Department
Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Berlin D-14195, Germany
Research: Theoretical Surface Science

Prof. Art Freeman
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois, USA

Research: Nitride based materials systems
Dr. Bernard Delley
Paul Scherrer Institut
WHGA/123, CH-5232 Villigen PSI
Research: Dilute magnetic and transition metal nitride systems

Prof. Chris Van de Walle
Materials Department
University of California Santa Barbra
California, USA

Research: Defects in and doping of III-Nitride semiconductors
Dr. habil. Klaus-Peter Bohnen
Institute of Solid State Physics, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
D-76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
Research: Phonons in transition-metal oxides
Dr. Oliver Warschkow
School of Physics
The University of Sydney, Australia
NSW 2006
Research: Semiconductor and oxide surfaces
Dr. Juarez Da Silva
Computational Materials Science
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1617 Cole Blvd.
Golden, CO 80401-3393
Research: Rare-gas adsorption on metal surfaces
Dr. Micke Borg
Department of Biochemistry
University of Toronto
1 King's College Circle
Medical Sciences Building Room 5207
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A8
Research: Surface phase transitions of the Na/Al system
Nicholas Makau
The Schonland Research Insitute for Nuclear Sciences
University of the Witwatersrand
Johannesburg, South Africa
Research: Effect of environment on diamond surfaces
Dr. Daniel Fernández Hevia
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Research: Electronic properties and atomic structures of point and extended defects in wide-gap semiconductors (AlN, GaN, ZnO). Also theoretical and experimental study of charge transport through electrically active interfaces.

Assoc. Prof. Linda Hong Zhang
College of Physics Science and Technology, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan, PRC

Research: Computational studies of Iridium-based catalysts

Dr. Mira Todorova

Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH
Abteilung "Computergestützes Materialdesign"
Max-Planck-Straße, 40237 Düsseldorf

Research: Surface phase-diagrams from ab initio Statistical Mechanics: Lattice-gas Hamiltonian + Monte Carlo.

Dr. Robyn Hongqing Shi

Research Institute for Ubiquitous Energy Devices,
National Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology
1-8-31, Midprigaoka, Ikeda, Osaka, Japan

Research: Understanding the function of gold as an oxidation catalyst.






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